Toshinaku Bajhiri

A cruel combination of Sin and Devil... The Void Serpent
Mature Content ahead, page is likely to include Nudity and mentions of heavy gore and body horror (18+ Viewers only)

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Of the Void...

Former Name: Sozoh'a Bajhiri
Nicknames: Toshi (But by very few), 'Lust', 'Wrath', Zoh'a (By one person), Asshole >>
Age: Appears to be in his late 20s (26-28), has stopped aging however (Immortal)
Weight: As an Au Ra he is roughly 261lbs.
Height: 8 Fulms, 9 Ilms
Hair: A deep burgundy that looks almost like coagulated blood with brighter purple highlights at the ends.
Eyes: That same deep burgundy coloration with a slight lavender limbal ring around them. Eyes tend to glow a deep purple and hide these colors most of the time. Also has a slightly darkened sclera (deep grey, not black)
Gender: Male, Masculine Pronouns (Him/His/He)
Race on the Surface: Au Ra - Raen
Race on the Inside: Voidsent, classified in the 2nd ring of the Hierarchy. Has multiple forms he can take on, but his main form is that of a giant Naga.
Birthplace: What is now known as the 'Dead Forest' (Also known to those who know the truth as Shodrax), the location of which is deep in the depths of the North Shroud and close to the borders of Coerthas.
Birthdate: Suspected to be the 29th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon (November 28th)
Orientation: Homosexual, Polyamorous
Status: Not seeking any sort of Romantic Relationship (One offs, etc. are just fine)
Hobbies: Entertainment, Dancing, Hunting other Voidsent, Sex, Tinkering in Alchemy, Making 'Fantasias' out of his own ingredients, Being a fucking asshole to everyone, Loving his sons Jinh and Linh
MTBI: ESFP-T Entertainer
Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Leaning Chaotic Neutral
Temperament: Choleric/Sanguine
Zodiac: Sun Sagittarius

His Various Forms

One of the many forms that Toshinaku can take on is the form of the beastial Cerberus. Some might know of this creature if they had ever traveled into the depths of the Void and to the World of Darkness specifically. The voidal serpent hunts many powerful voidsent and in doing so he learns through their Aether how to manifest his form into theirs. Because of this, Toshi spent several years hunting and absorbing the Aether of various Cerberus like Voidsent and finally claimed the form that he takes on. A massive canine with three heads, glowing sigils and runes on the form and having a mixed mottling of purples, reds and blacks with bright opal details, great horns also adorn the canines heads that resemble those that Toshi has himself. The other biggest thing to note is that this form has a lot of details that tie into his natural voidal naga form, so lots of scales and plating on the canines body and being far larger than normal. When Toshi doesn't take to his natural voidal form, he will turn to this one should he require... in most cases this form is used to scare and intimidate but also if he needs to he'll fight in it to defend himself as well. Toshi also can take on a smaller, cuter form that appears to be a puppy of this form (Cerberpup Minion inspiration).

He is known as the Voidal Serpent and Forest Serpent for many reasons, one reason of course being his true and natural form. Which is a glimpse at the creature he can turn into should anyone earn his anger. While Toshinaku always prefers his natural state as a naga he can also become something more. When pushed too far Toshi will shed away the Au Ra esque upper half and turn into a massive serpent that looks somewhat like a large cobra but with more spiked scales (think pangolin) that cover its form. What is most interesting is where many see creatures of the void as dark and gloomy, this form (as well as his true form) are a brilliant opalescent coloration and shimmer with an incredible iridescence to them. This is deady for anyone, especially if Toshi is going in to feed or simply to kill as it distracts his prey due to his beauty and leaves them open for the massive snake to steal their aether and simply do away with the body by consuming it.

Another creature form that Toshinaku can take on, though he vary rarely does, is that of a large Hydra-Esque creature. And much like his other forms it shares many of the same color palettes. This form is much like that of the Cerberus in that it holds a mottled pattern akin to the Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnakes or Speckled Rattlesnakes that can be found in Arizona. His colors in this form include the deep purples and blacks with some reds and oranges mixed in but it is heavily mottled with whites, opals, silvers and some golds as well. Each head looks more serpentine and has the crowning horns that Toshinaku naturally has while in his Au Ra form. If he ever takes on this form it is as a last defense or because someone didn't take a hint and he wants to drive them off entirely.

What Lies Within...

A Loathing Creature (Personality)

WIP/Coming Soon

The Rising of the Blood Moon (Past)

✺ A Former Miqo'te;
Before the events happened that have basically turned Toshinaku into the Voidsent that he is today, he was formerly a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te that was of the Bajhiri clan. He was the middle son to his mother Sozoh, with two elder sisters and two younger sisters. He had a good relationship with his mother as well as his eldest sister Sizah, who was helping him to learn the ways of becoming a great hunter due to the promise he showed from an early age. His other sister Rosah, older only by a few years, did not show him such kindness and would find ways to torment him and to even harm him when their mother wasn't looking. Rosah knew of the thing that he was, had seen just what his father was and thus was the reason behind her abuse towards him.

✺ The Fallen Bajhiri;
There are many tales woven through those of the Bajhiri clan that speak of the clan Matriarch of a particular branch that went by the name of Sozoh. She was a social butterfly and would often times travel to the various other clans to aid them however she could. Either by trading supplies that she had (Usually furs/leathers or harder to grow crops) or by helping mothers to be, she was almost always present whenever a new Bajhiri kit or kits were brought into the world due to acting as a midwife to many of the clans other Matriarchs. But... at some point she simply disappeared, as did her entire family. No one knows of her fate or if she is still alive... and no one knows about her family. Only that the forest in which they live in became unlivable after she disappeared.

✺ The Dead Forest;
Whispers speak of a forest that lies deep in the depths of North Shroud and close to the borders of Coerthas. A place where... the most deadliest of monsters calls it home. This forest is nothing but wilted and withered remains, trees that look like bone and grass that looks like ash... on the outside that is. This forest seeps out a thick fog that conceals the truth of what it is, small creatures... voidsent... it sends out to 'hunt' for prey which is lured back to it. Either by the sweetest of scents or by hearing the voices of loved ones... or by seeing the thing that the desire the most in their life. Toshinaku is one with this forest and calls it his home, he is the one who controls it and keeps it tame. Without him, it would spread like the deadliest of plagues across the shroud.

✺ Davy Jones Locker;
In the most recent of times, Toshinaku has grown more and more closed off from the world and absolutely despises most ways of showing love or expressing affection. He has been hurt, manipulated, betrayed and for the most part never treated to a proper experience of love once in his entire life. Because of this, the Voidsent has sought out ways to deal with sealing away these emotions and ultimately he has come to sealing away his heart. To do this, the Voidsent sought out a way to twist a piece of Auricite into a vessel for his heart and thus, remove it and keep it away. He doesn't want any sort of feelings to get in the way and he doesn't want to be hurt anymore... thus, he pulls a page out of Davy Jones' story and basically says "Fuck off heart, I don't need you anymore."

✺ A Serpent of Many Colors;
While the main form of Toshinaku is that of a giant voidal Naga, he has many other forms that he can take on. These forms were earned by the consumption of other voidsent that shared them and the stronger the voidsent the more that need to be consumed for him to acquire the form. Several of his forms are beastial, the demonic hellhound with three heads (Cerberus) and the Multi-headed 'Dragon' of nightmares (The Hydra) are two of his favorites to take on. Though, whenever the Voidsent feels extreme emotions or when he is overwhelmed with Aether these forms can essentially form into one disturbing amalgamation and appear as writhing mass of flesh and eyes with several heads and a body structure similar to that of Philia. This form, if it ever happens, is truly a thing of nightmares that can easily drive one insane should they see it.

✺ The Hunter of his Kin;
This Voidsent has quite the reputation as a killer of his own kind. Toshinaku has been known to hunt and kill other Voidsent... either to take their parts for the creation of his alchemical creations (such as his Fantasias) or to simply consume them. Lesser voidsent fear him because they know that they are basically like a tasty treat to him and the more powerful voidsent absolutely loathe and despise him because he treats them as next to nothing. He also holds little love for his own family or those of the Bajhiri clan, seeing most of them as basically doomed because of many of his experiences when he's met others that shared his clan name. But... that is more likely because he doesn't know many from his former clan and those that he does... well... that's another story for another time.

✺ Creator of his Voice;
When Toshinaku merged to become one with his forest, he discovered the one thing that Shodrax (The name given to the Voidsent that is the forest) actually was pained by. And that was the fact that the forest had lured in another Keeper Family who... sought to sacrifice their youngest child to it for power and wealth among other things. In the forests wrath, it not only killed those who sought to do such a thing but accidentally killed the child that they had offered to it. The forest had held onto the child's spirit, cradling and nurturing it and the day that Toshinaku had merged into it was the day the forest made a request from the Serpent. With their power, they created another Voidsent and it became known at Id'agni, the Voice of the Forest and it was used to be the vessel for the spirit that the forest held onto. Id'agni is a gentle creature and is the being that keeps a barrier up around the forest that keeps any who are not welcomed from entering and he acts as the Eyes for the forest since it cannot see beyond the barrier.

There is always more to learn as you turn the pages of a book... and that can be said about Toshinaku and his history. Both before he became what he is and the present can be unlocked slowly as you take the dive into RPing with him, should you so choose.

The Secret Face of the Mun

✘ Jacques is located on Mateus on the Crystal Data Center
✘ Mun is willing to go to other servers to RP but prefers being on her home server usually.
✘ Mun is 32 Years Old
✘ ToxicCreed but goes by Toxic or Tox
✘ Female Pronouns (She/Her)
✘ Mun has 20+ Years of RP Experience
✘ Mun will not RP with anyone under the age of 18
✘ Mature, Dark Themed RPs and 18+ RP
✘ Most Themes are okay for the Mun! But if curious feel free to ask!
✘ Please know the difference between IC and OOC. Even if Toshinaku is a ripe piece of fucking SHIT that doesn't me that I am personally.
✘ Do not Godmod, Powerplay or Metagame or anything like that. It's stupid, and it ruins good RP... plus Toshinaku will somehow find you and melt you into a pile of gore.
✘ The Mun is an extremely shy bean who tends to wallflower a lot, Mun also has severe anxiety and PTSD from past experiences but is always happy to chat or RP if she has the RP tag on and is out!
✘ If you wish to Retcon anything please discuss it with me first before doing so. I would like the option to know if things can be changed/worked out first.
✘ General rule of thumb... Don't be a mother fucking dick.
✘ RP in-game might be difficult due to Keyboard issues at times, please be patient and understanding with me thank you <3
✘ Discord is kept private, Roleplay with the Mun will be done In-Game or through Tumblr Asks!


Welcome to His Parlor...


Welcome to the Gallery~

Currently a lot of my artwork for Toshi is either a WIP or Unfinished. These WIPs are also far too big for me to display on the page so... many are likely to be cropped or unloaded here. If you would like to see artwork you can visit his Tumblr page which is linked on this carrd!